One question we get asked often is “JobSync looks great, but are you sure this software is compatible with my current systems?” 99 per cent of the time, the answer is a definite YES. We’ve designed JobSync to be a ‘Business Ready’ solution, meaning there’s a minimal changeover effort and you get to hit the ground running from the very first day it’s active.

Built in support for MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero

We’ve built in support for the most popular accounting systems, but we’ve also connected JobSync to the lesser known systems out there.  We’ll make sure that Jobsync plays nice with your systems and databases, and even assist third party developers with our JobSync web services based SDK. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us and we can show you exactly what options are available to you (and your tech guys too).


Full admin control

Because our sales software can scale up to as many users are you need, we made sure you can have full control who sees what, and what they can and can’t do.

  • Allow users to only see certain customers and/or territories

  • Allow users to see just their own sales, or allow managers to see everything

  • Show and hide different products for different users and/or customers

  • Share appointments between certain users, or all users

  • Apply full control to whether users can add/edit/delete customers, items and sales.


Premium security standards

Because we’ve made JobSync compatible with your existing systems and software, we made sure to give its security features some solid attention. JobSync has 128 bit encrypted, secure cloud infrastructure with 24/7 uptime, so you can rest assured that your data is always being updated, backed up and properly protected at all times.


Premium security standards


Inventory management software that grows with you

We realise that every business changes over time, and often so do its needs. So we made sure JobSync is developer friendly and can provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) if you require. This allows your IT gurus to make updates and improvements when and if you need to. Of course, if you don’t have these capabilities, our team here are more than happy to help you out down the track, as well as provide regular updates for the app as we create them.


Packed with lots of extra features

To round out JobSync and make it a more complete inventory management software solution, we’ve packed some great features into the app and the web portal, such as:

  • Surveys, which can be created using the web portal and then accessed and filled out on-site via the app.

  • Customer Activity – Have your reps record their interactions with each customer, and then share these with the other reps and head office. Great for making centralised notes about who to see next time, or what was discussed in the last visit!

  • A product catalogue so you and your customers can swipe easily between various product images.

  • Pre-set order templates for those customers who re-stock a standard set of products every time.

  • Automatic email alerts to the office – to let them know that a new order has been created, as well as the ability to send PDF invoices or order confirmations directly to your customers. Your company name, address details and even your logo are used to form the letterhead.

  • Web ordering – allowing your customers to place orders via their own JobSync web portal. You can even create individual catalogues for each customer, so they only see what’s relevant to them.

  • Appointments – Easily schedule recurring customer visits for your sales reps and link these to activity notes and sales.  Using powerful web reports, you can easily analyse rep performance and upcoming resource allocation.